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Before, finding the right educational toy was so easy, because there were so few of them. Now, choosing which one to get for your child is similar to the experience of a kid lost in Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory. Perhaps the most popular of children's educational toys are those that deal with science. This prolonged childhood stage is very important for the developing the mental faculties among human children. The human brain, as it is now a generally accepted scientific fact, takes very long to develop. Both the rational and emotional development of kids depends much in their childhood, making quality toy an important factor for kids' play. Some globes have embossed land formations that the children can touch. Others are electronic and have built in geographical facts, world clock times and trivia that would help your children learn and discover the world. Besides globes, electronic interactive books provide excellent and fun learning for your little ones. You can create different sorts of bridges from ones that just cross narrow ravines and rivers using logs or just rocks, to the extremely huge mile-long suspension bridges of today's time. You start, first, with spanning a realistic landscape of a river using a modern truss bridge out of steel by just using a few bits of gussets and plastic I-beams. Here are some of the more popular educational toys that have been designed for preschoolers. LeapFrog's Leapster L-Max Learning Game System The Leapster L-Max Preschoolers and even elementary age kids will enjoy this product because it carries several preprogramed games that are both fun and educational. Learning Curve's Lamaze Grip N Grab Rattle This rattle comes in bright colors and makes fun and attention-catching sounds when shaken. Parents will appreciate this toy when they're going a long trip with their child because it will surely hold their attentions for quite a while. This is best for babies aged 3 months and up. 

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