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Ballroom Dance Tutorial For Beginners | How to Start Ballroom Dancing (Solo No Partner Needed)

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Presentation: The judges will be looking not only for how you appear to them but how well you sell yourselves to the audience. Are you enthusiastic, happy, confident? It has to show. Even in dances like the Tango and the Paso Doble where the expressions are more somber you still have to appear assured and confident. Ballroom Dancing - The Quick Step The Quick Step: The Charleston, the Black Bottom, the Shimmy and probably a couple other dances all melded into a faster version of the Fox Trot, which in 1923 became known as the Quick Step. The evolution of the Quick Step ended with a dance that utilizes a lot of movement, hops, runs, Quick Steps and rotation. Dances were often held the evening prior to men going off to battle, as a way for the men to go off to war in good spirits. Men often wore their swords while dancing with a woman and it is believed that this led to a woman placing her left hand on her partner's right shoulder, while grasping his left hand for additional balance. The Rumba is a dance that demonstrates the unique love and attractions between a man and woman. It is based around the concept of a lady's pursuit of the man, with the steps representing the woman's charm. Often, the woman dances around the man and has quick and withdrawn steps, as the man pursues her. Paso Doble is Spanish for "Two Step" which is a reference to the marching style of this dance with its 1-2 count. For the ballroom competitions the Paso Doble is done with chest high, shoulders wide and down, head back but slightly tipped down. The body leans slightly forward and the majority of the forward steps are done with the heel leading. These classes are typically about one hour long, once or twice a week, and last for about four to five months. Although the cost depends on the particular institution, ballroom dance classes offered here are usually very inexpensive or free. A good way to keep cost at a minimum is to share your dance lessons with a friend or partner. 

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