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BEST Ballroom Dancers On Got Talent That STUNNED The World | Amazing Auditions

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It also used the same sharp head and shoulder moves and the characteristic sudden stops of the Tango. The Milonga, early in the 20th century was entertainment meant for the high society of Brazil and it was during that time that the name was changed to the Tango. There is the American Ballroom Tango, the International Ballroom Tango and the Argentinean Tango. The Samba originated with Brazil's Rio Carnival and is comprised of several different South American dances. While walking and side steps are the main moves with heavy hitting rhythm and lots of hip action the Samba is the perfect party dance. Slaves imported into Portugal in the 16th century brought along their dances (a few of which are the Catarete, Embolada and the Batuque). However, as time passed and ballroom dancing gained popularity, the music changed right along with the dances. Gone are the days of the mellow acoustic strings; today, a variety of music is used in ballroom dancing. The music depends strictly on the type of dance being performed. In ballroom dancing, there are over ten traditional dances with many more variations, so obviously the music will be different for each one. Most international ballroom gowns are designed for appearance from one angle - either they look appealing from the front or back, but not usually both. You're most likely to find that American ballroom dresses are accented with sequins or jewels, and come in a variety of lengths. Most ballroom dresses do not extend all the way to the floor - this is probably because a long dress could become tangled in the dancer's feet and lead to a disaster on the dance floor. Hold: Dancing with arms, hands etc., in an incorrect position or breaking a hold at the wrong time will cost you points. Besides having your body parts in the right place you also need to keep your holds symetrical to your partner. In some ballroom dances one of the worst things you can do is to break your hold. Gallaudet is the worlds only accredited Liberal Arts University for the hearing impaired. The dancers rely on many things using their vision and sign language to communicate. For years hearing people have bought into the theory that the deaf "hear' by feeling vibrations through the floor. Although that may work when standing still on a surface that will conduct the vibrations it wouldn't do much good when you are moving, jumping, or standing on a concrete floor. 

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