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Paul McCartney - Ballroom Dancing

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For ballroom dancing long, smooth, easy gliding steps combine to give the Fox Trot its unhurried appearance. The Fox Trot is danced with the same type of hold that is used in the standard waltz, with a combination of long slow steps and short lively ones. The timing of this ballroom dance is of great importance. Most ballroom dance shoes are lightweight - heavy-soled shoes can greatly obstruct your dancing and leave you with extremely sore feet. The maximum height for ladies' shoes is three inch heels, whereas men's shoes are around one and a half inches. Like choosing a dress, shoes for ballroom dancing should not be based on appearance alone. The slower version of the dance is known as the English Waltz while the faster version is the Viennese Waltz. . Waltz music is played in 3/4 time with a distinctive 1-2-3 rhythm. The dance is a simple one with just 3 steps, first step forward (backward for the woman), one step to the side and the last step to bring the feet together again. Another major plus of performing the waltz is that it's easy to learn and can be done by nearly anyone of any skill level. "From This Moment On" is a song performed by legendary country music singer Shania Twain and is a popular choice among bride and groom dances. This song remains slow and romantic, but the beat is slightly faster compared to the Elvis Presley songs. Power: Energy is a wonderful thing and one of the most important things in dances like the Quick Step or the Jive however, if over-done it just becomes wild movements. Judges, like dancers each have different styles and different ideas of the importance of various criteria. One judge may put a greater value on technique while another thinks musicality and expression are more important. It only makes sense that the dress would represent the theme; this particular dress would probably have sleeves, a ruffled knee-length skirt that twirls easily, and be decorated with lace. For more contemporary ballroom dances, the dress is usually very lightweight and moves well with the dancer. A popular look for the top of the dress is either halter-style or sleeves that dangle from the shoulder. 

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