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Paul McCartney "Ballroom Dancing" 1984

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This song remains slow and romantic, but the beat is slightly faster compared to the Elvis Presley songs. "From This Moment On" is an excellent choice for dancing the foxtrot, a slow yet very smooth dance that follows forward and backward patterns around the dance floor. Like the waltz, it is fairly easy to learn. Strictly Wonderful is a romantic comedy about a rebellious ballroom dancer who pairs up with an amateur to practice for a big ballroom competition. This film received a 15-minute standing ovation when it played at the Cannes Film Festival. The movie Dance With Me, is the story of a young Cuban, Rafael, who comes to America after the death of his mother where he meets his father who runs a dance studio. For example, an American ballroom dress usually has at least two layers of skirt, along with other cuts of fabric flowing from the neck and back. In contrast, international dresses are known for heavier fabrics and feathers. Several American styles also are adorned with feathers, but are not the essential accent of the ballroom dress. In fact, ballroom dancing gives you the opportunity to move your body in a way that you would otherwise never experience - not even in an aerobics class. It's no secret that most people looking to get fit or lose weight are intimidated by the gym. Not only are you surrounded by people with a better body than you, but often you find yourself having to wait for a machine or struggling to keep up in a class. Throughout the 80's the USABDA recruitment efforts consisted of trying to get all amateur dance organizations to join them as a national organization with a regional chapter structure. In 1985 with their new bylaws in place the USABDA was given tax-exempt status by the IRS. With the unification process started the USABDA was officially recognized by what is now known as the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF). There are many different dances and versions of ballroom dancing. Each of these unique dances has specific steps and characteristics that make it different from other dances - but there is one aspect that remains constant throughout each style of dancing. No matter what dance style is being performed, you can bet they are being performed by a couple. 

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