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The Open Blackpool 2022 | Final | Professional Latin

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The step links (change steps) allow you to change directions while still following the line of dance. The step links are simply two normal steps down the line of dance followed by a third step sliding the moving foot to the standing foot. By performing a string of change figures you can work your way through the tight spots on a crowded dance floor then resume the rotation. Most ballroom dresses come in a variety of colors and there are usually no limitations in this aspect. It is common American protocol for women to match their partner when it comes to choosing the color of their ballroom dress. However, the color can be anything the couple chooses, but it should be kept in mind that the shoes will need to match the dress exactly. Ballroom dancing is a great way of making exercise fun, and it's an activity you can do together with your partner or spouse. Unfortunately, some people continue to live inactive lifestyles because they just can't find a physical activity they like to do. You may be surprised to learn that ballroom dancing can burn just as much fat and calories (if not more) than a session at the gym. You have to find the perfect dress (or suit and tux if you're a guy), perfect shoes, and coordinate your hair and makeup for a complete look. However, getting ready for an evening of ballroom dance is slightly more complex than dressing for the prom. While the concept is the same, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing ballroom dance clothing and shoes. Although they probably all had some influence on the modern Waltz, at some point the Landler's hopping movement became more of a gliding motion, which is why the Landler more than the others, is sometimes considered the forerunner of the modern Waltz. In the early 19th century the popularity of the Waltzen rose to such a great degree that several large dance halls were opened to accommodate the crowds. For example Arnold Schwarzeneggar and Tia Carrere danced a sexy, sultry Tango in True Lies , while Al Pacino showed Gabrielle Anwar the secrets of the Tango in Scent of a Woman and in a much earlier movie Rudolph Valentino Tangoed in The four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. What the judges will be looking for are lots of clipped movements, sharp head turns and stops, staccato actions, knees slightly bent at all times. 

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