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Warm up exercises for Ballroom Dancers.

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The early years for the USABDA only saw a small number of members in New York state, a few in the Washington, DC area and a small number on the west coast. In 1978 USABDA started its mid-eastern chapter and the push was on to take their little group to a national level. The next few years saw chapters being formed in several other states. The quickstep is a combination of the swing and the jive. The steps are very quick and movements must be fast and concise. This dance is usually best performed to instrumental music. A couple of songs most commonly used for the quickstep are "Big Band", "Flash", and "Spoonful of Sugar". Ballroom dancing has grown by leaps and bounds in the past decade, and more and more people are catching on to the dance craze. This is important and certainly works in your favor because you can find several instructional DVD's and videos on ballroom dancing. You can watch them in the comfort of your own home and practice at any time. On the other hand, dances like the jive or paso doble can burn over 400 calories, which is comparable to an intense step aerobics class. While walking on a treadmill or doing crunches are well-known exercises, they only work certain parts of your body - which leave you to workout longer in order to cover the rest. This is also where the concept of men leading on the dance floor was developed. As time passed throughout the centuries, many styles of ballroom dancing were born. Each particular dance has its own history, but the Waltz and Foxtrot were the first to gain popularity in the realm of ballroom dancing. Dancing soon became a growing trend in several countries, and other styles of ballroom dancing were formed based on the various cultures. While the concept is the same, a lot of factors need to be taken into consideration when choosing ballroom dance clothing and shoes. First of all, there is really no set dress code for ballroom dancing, which leaves you with the freedom to choose your attire to your comfort and practicality. Whether you are dancing a slow dance such as the waltz or an upbeat dance like the jive, you need to choose attire that you can move easily in and won't get tangled up around your partner. 

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