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WSS16 Professional Salsa Cabaret World Champions Ricardo Vega & Karen Forcano

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Power: Energy is a wonderful thing and one of the most important things in dances like the Quick Step or the Jive however, if over-done it just becomes wild movements. Judges, like dancers each have different styles and different ideas of the importance of various criteria. One judge may put a greater value on technique while another thinks musicality and expression are more important. Not only are you surrounded by people with a better body than you, but often you find yourself having to wait for a machine or struggling to keep up in a class. Ballroom dancing is a great way of making exercise fun, and it's an activity you can do together with your partner or spouse. Unfortunately, some people continue to live inactive lifestyles because they just can't find a physical activity they like to do. There are many different dances and versions of ballroom dancing. Each of these unique dances has specific steps and characteristics that make it different from other dances - but there is one aspect that remains constant throughout each style of dancing. No matter what dance style is being performed, you can bet they are being performed by a couple. Although bullfights can be traced all the way back to ancient Greece they weren't a part of the culture of Spain until the 1700's. The excitement and tension of the bullfight, the pride and dignity of the matador as well as the flair of his cape are all portrayed in the Paso Doble. Paso Doble is Spanish for "Two Step" which is a reference to the marching style of this dance with its 1-2 count. This is not the time for solemn, passive expressions A strong direct walk Lots of slow body shapes - the body NEVER stops changing its shape Figure eight hip rolls - hips alternating in a forward motion NEVER leading with the heel, stay on the balls of the feet The Cucaracha step - you should rock to the right or left then replace and close The fan position - the woman positioned to the man's left side, at arms length and at a 90 angle to the man Gone are the days of the mellow acoustic strings; today, a variety of music is used in ballroom dancing. The music depends strictly on the type of dance being performed. In ballroom dancing, there are over ten traditional dances with many more variations, so obviously the music will be different for each one. 

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