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You Are the reason - Calum Scott | Wedding Dance Choreography | Viennese Waltz

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Unfortunately, some people continue to live inactive lifestyles because they just can't find a physical activity they like to do. You may be surprised to learn that ballroom dancing can burn just as much fat and calories (if not more) than a session at the gym. Depending upon the style of dance, you can easily burn between 200 and 400 calories. " It wasn't long after the first season that the dance craze soon swept over America, with more and more people choosing to learn to dance. However, ballroom dancing is certainly nothing new and has quite an extensive background. Let's start by discussing the meaning behind the world "ballroom". The music depends strictly on the type of dance being performed. In ballroom dancing, there are over ten traditional dances with many more variations, so obviously the music will be different for each one. Here is a look at some examples of music and songs appropriate for each dance style. The paso doble is a Spanish dance that demonstrates the bullfighter's bravery and agility. In 1985 with their new bylaws in place the USABDA was given tax-exempt status by the IRS. With the unification process started the USABDA was officially recognized by what is now known as the International DanceSport Federation (IDSF). The USABDA now governs all forms of amateur ballroom dancing in the United States. However, some dance studios will offer ballroom dance camps or programs that last for a specified amount of time and aren't expensive. One place you may want to consider looking into for ballroom dance lessons is a local college or university. Several colleges now offer ballroom dancing as a credit for physical education, and often they will invite the public to attend the classes. The thing that makes this movie truly unique is that it is one of only a few movies that actually used ballroom competitors making for wonderfully realistic ballroom dance scenes. Dance, ballroom or otherwise has played a large part in hundreds of movies. The Sharks and the Jets danced their way through West Side Story, Jennifer Grey and Patrick Swayze put Dirty Dancing on the map. 

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