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There are many of such machines that are sold commercially these days. How could you find the best one for your own training? It could be an exhilarating task but you could be guided accordingly by these simple insights. First, always remember that what could be the best cardio exercise machine for your friend may not be the best for you. One is sufficient space at home. You do not need to abruptly convert your home into a gym in an instant. There are still more important things and items that should be prioritized within your house. Another factor will be the more important and obvious---costs. You need to save money for many other important purposes. A modified version of the treadmill is the elliptical machine. You ride a platform and swing your legs back and forth to obtain the desired heart rate for proper conditioning. It has an additional benefit of not putting your joints under wear and tear situations. Climbing a flight of stairs can trigger your heart to pump faster. If you are finding it hard to decide which to use in the gym, it surely would be harder to make up your mind about which cardio exercise equipment to choose and buy for your use at home. Ask yourself: which cardio exercise machine to use: the one that brings the most fit, the tool that burns the greatest amount of calories, or the equipment that brings about least impact on your own joints? Versa climbers These cardio exercise equipments are among the best and most effective cardiovascular machines available. The tool is designed in a way that would facilitate you to take a movement as if you are climbing vertically. Your body would be prompted to work against gravity. Thus, there is more work and more calories are burned. It is just that the abovementioned ones are the most popular. They are also the most commonly found in gyms and fitness centers. If you do not enjoy using any of those, you may take a look at alternative or less popular cardio exercise equipments around. Stair masters are actually more like treadmills. 

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