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12 MIN HAPPY SWEAT WORKOUT - good mood Cardio workout / including HIIT I Pamela Reif

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Look for safety features - Consider buying cardio exercise equipment with safety features especially if you have kids at home. 7. Ask for family member's preference - Since you'll be setting up your cardio exercise equipment at home, some family members might also be interested in using it. Ask for the opinion of your family members for a more fun and motivating physical training. Afterwards you can proceed to the workout that may last from twenty to sixty minutes basically depending on your preference. You close the deal with another five to ten minutes of low intensity warm-down time. Machine usage should be scheduled three to five times weekly. When planning to engage in cardio exercises it s not enough that you know the equipment. If you want to simulate walking or running up hills, it is best to try a machine that has an incline option. If you want to adjust the intensity of your workout, you may pedal faster, raise the incline, and increase the resistance or any combination of machine's features. 3. Stationary Bikes - This cardio exercise equipment is especially designed for cycling which is considered by many fitness experts as the safest cross-training activity. If you are new to exercise or prefer more back support because of a lower-back pain, you may find a recumbent bike more comfortable to use than an upright bike. 2. Stair climber is an excellent workout machine for your calves, thighs, hips, buttocks, and lowers back. If you prefer more than just walking and jogging, a stair climber is for you. Pre-owned are less expensive, just be sure that they are in good condition. To give you an idea, treadmills and stationary bikes had a price range of $200 to $3,000, depending on its features. You could also check websites for their prices. Scouting for places to buy equipment. There are local sporting and fitness stores that sell exercise equipment. However, your choice of cardio exercise equipment can be affected by your age. Elderly cardio exercise equipment needs to be safe and with little risk of injury. The treadmill is a great exercise equipment, since its all about walking which is pretty natural to us. It does not create too much pressure on the joints but still burns enough calories while helping the lungs and the heart. 

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