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15 MIN BOXING CARDIO - Aerobic Style: dancy, cool & rhythmic / Medium Intensity I Pamela Reif

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Setting up a home gym is not just about working out. You would also need to consider maintenance of your equipment. Not taking good care of them could cause you problems or worse, accidents. Be cautious when using them. Don t just drop weights or shove things around. When storing you equipment, make sure that they are not exposed to excessive sunlight, dampness or other factors which may damage the equipment. For example, if equipments with springs are exposed to dampness, the springs may get rusty and may lose its ability to compress and bounce back. In worst cases, equipment problems or failure could happen in the middle of the workout, causing accidents. Sometimes, it is not just failure to do regular maintenance that could affect the equipment s performance. If any part of your body hurts of gets uncomfortable when using a machine, ditch it. Choose a machine that would facilitate use of more muscles. In general, more muscles used translate to more calories burned. However, be aware of the flipside of the coin. Using more muscles in cardio exercise equipment would quickly bring about fatigue, especially if you are a beginner. If you're a busy person, you might prefer an indoor training (in a fitness gym or at home) than outdoor training. Here's a brief overview of the most popular types of cardio exercise equipment you can use or buy to improve your overall health: 1. Treadmills - This machine lets you walk, run, or jog in a smooth, very predictable terrain. But there are times when the equipment falters and your busy schedule won t allow you to have an enjoying ride. Fortunately you can acquire an alternative. All you need is to place a stationary bike in your favorite spot and voila you re all set. But unlike the normal bike that riders use you do not actually move from your original position. Thus it would be advisable to alternately do your workout with another cardio machine like the stationary bike wherein you have the luxury of making a quick transition. Hand ergometers or hand bikes are the ones being used by individuals undergoing rehabilitation because of a fractured leg or sprained ankle. 

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