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3) The performance of course, you have to consider how the paintball gun performs in terms of accuracy, rate of fire, and range. Accuracy and range need no explanations. However, not many people know what exactly "rate of fire" means in terms of paintball guns. Rate of fire pertains to how fast your paintball gun spits out ammo. Using this knowledge, a good tactician could practically predict the movements of opponents. Urban warfare paintball fields are usually very challenging in terms of mental work. 3) Speedball the "deathmatch" type of paintball field, this promotes the type of game that is in the name quick and explosive. The best paintball players are usually lean and compact, with the build of long distance runners or swimmers. 4). Play- nothing improves your paintball game more than practice. Playing paintball frequently allows you to hone your instincts and generally become a better paintball player. By playing frequently, you also step up your paintball game for the reason that you become used to the conditions. Because of this, you need to keep it clean, even during short durations in the game. By bringing this paintball accessory with you, the performance of your weapons will always be maintained. As you can see, various paintball accessories certainly give you an edge over your opponents. Using the right paintball accessory at the right moment can actually mean the difference between complete disaster and success. Whatever it is that you are having, it is important to have appropriate knowledge of each paintball gun part. The basic parts of paintball gun The body Being the largest part, it is the body which is area where valve, bolt, and its trigger frame are integrated. These parts are detachable allowing you to incorporate new equipments, although it is more recommended that only experts should be handling this job. While there are indoor paintball fields which are customized to suit needs of different players, there are places virtually huge enough to accommodate a number of players. While playing at indoor places has a setback of limited space, this is the type which players will have an arena with enormous attacks of adrenaline rush. 

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