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KIDZ BOP 2021- Album Listening Party [52 Minutes]

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You just can't deny the fact that millions of children, specifically girls, out there would love to have a Princess Party. This party would give your child an opportunity to dress like a princess with a shiny tiara on her head. Her guests will also be wearing those grand dresses that they usually see on those Disney Princess cartoons. Why not set up a treasure hunt that would test their analytical and motor skills? Some ideas include hiding goodie bags and handing out pieces of paper containing clues on how to find the bags. Draw a map to the "treasure". Or you can do an Easter egg hunt type of hunt. Hide pieces of the same object all over the yard and let the children look for them. You can simply rename and redecorate regular party fare, like spaghetti, burgers, hotdogs and cupcakes, to make them look and sound according to the theme you chose. If you have a Halloween party, for instance, you can renamed spaghetti into 'blood and guts'. (Don't worry. Most children are not usually squeamish with names. Their accompanying guardians or parents might be polite enough not to tell you outright that your party bombed, but kids will tell you the real score to your face, much to the disappointment of your child, whose benefit was the one you had in mind when you threw the party in the first place. Thus, before you decide to go DIY on the birthday party you're planning, you have to spend some time thinking what kinds of entertainment and activities you will have. Hence, before you do any hiring, arrange for a short meeting and interview beforehand, so you can weed out those who are just doing the job not for the love of it, but only for the money. A grumpy entertainer who hates children might only ruin the party you prepared so hard for for your child. You can find prospects by searching the local listings or by surfing the Internet. The circle widens and grows until they can no longer hold each other's hands, until eventually the balloons pop and everyone is startled and laughing. This game is best for toddlers. As mentioned earlier, no party would be complete without games. There are many game ideas you can choose from, so you'll need to select wisely to fit your child's particular interests. 

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