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As part of the skin care process that go along with healthy dieting, wanting to have healthy hair and skin is also achieved by consuming essential fatty acids like omega 3, among others, along with essential vitamins and minerals the body needs to ensure good health and good food digestion. Lastly, you may want to see a licensed and reputable dietitian or nutritionist to help you plan out your diet or may just simply want good and expert advise on how to go about a healthy diet program and a well rounded skin care regimen. And you can do this by knowing what foods are exactly beneficial to the skin. Here s a quick rundown: Omega-3 rich fish This includes salmon, mackerel, tuna, and other oily fish. Other than benefiting the heart, omega-3 fatty acid is good for the skin. Omega-3 strengthens cell membranes, and consequently makes the cells hydrated and replenished. Besides growing old, this is also caused by too much exposure to the sun as well as repeated use of muscles. Solution: Early intervention is perhaps the best solution. Always wear sunblock, which will protect your skin from the harsh rays of the sun. Sunscreens that have SPH 15 and higher protect your skin from both UVB and UVA. Prevention the natural way There are of course natural ways that you can do to help prevent aging. One of which is the clich d combo of eating well and physical activity. However often you cringe at hearing this advice will not change the fact that these two are the primary things that can help you save those skins from sagging. It is also a must that you stay away from using harsh or strong soaps and alcohol-based skin products to avoid skin irritation. Then, the next type is the oily skin that is characterized by shiny appearance and large pores on the skin's surface that makes it prone to acne. People who have oily skin should shun away from too much scrubbing that can cause more pimple breakout. SELECTING ACNE TREATMENTS AND PRODUCTS Acne is one of the most common skin problems that people young and old have to deal with today. Being a skin disorder usually caused by irritated blackheads and whiteheads, the development of acne becomes more and more difficult to cure if the infection is neglected and left untreated. 

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