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Big Five Safari at River Lodge Lion Sands (South Africa): review & impressions

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Go to where the night sky is clear and pleasant so you may evoke memories of past and sentiments of the Wisdom that created everything that lies at your sight. Go to African safari and watch the night as it rolls. One of the most captivating images of night safari are those that depict the Serengeti National Park. Our choices are dominated by options that most focus on mortar and concrete walls, technologies that make our activities more comfortable and other modes of life that offer much of the same thing. Well, good thing there are still wildlife and nature reserves that may once in a while take us from the contemporary life we are living. Hardy are the natives here and so they were adopted to the forms of living. They maintain walking trails that explorers use until these days. Nonetheless, with the advantages in transportation modes of safariing are becoming more and more comfortable which features hot air ballooning, fly-in safaris, driving safaris, canoeing safaris, horse back riding safaris, and elephant back safaris (Oh how exciting is that! Kruger National Park in South Africa For superb accommodation and sheer delight of seeing myriad of animals, plants and bird species, this park seems to be one of the perfect place to offer thrills that safaris in Africa may present. This is due to the reason that the park shelters diverse ecosystems that allow different species to coexist within a single location. It is no wonder why Tanzania safari is placed among the world's finest in game viewing. Aside from the games, Tanzania safari is also well known for its enormous gatherings of wildlife habitats and ecosystems. The Northern Circuit is the most popular entry route towards Tanzania safari which covers the Ngorongoro and Serengeti, places that appeal most to nature and wildlife lovers. The rich tapestry of ecosystems is such that it would be hard to imagine how all things coexist in competition to live in a space so large. This safari park was the pioneer of its kind since it has already existed since 1889, the year when the first realization of endangerment of animals is conceived. 

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