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OUR SAFARI OF A LIFETIME (Serengeti Tanzania)

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This activity provides them a bag full of hunting trophies that adorned the walls of their libraries. These days, a great thanks to movements for wildlife, hunting is restricted to many areas of African safaris. Nonetheless, there are still areas where slaughtering of wild animals are allowed. Because of the banning, travelers are now limited to only watch the animals hunt each other, predators to prey, and experience the exchange of life and death among them. Its amazing how animals like impala, hartebeest, cheetah, buffalo and others coexist harmoniously in African safaris. South Africa Though southern African safaris lack the famous wonders that east and central Africa offer, it still has other things to present to its guests. This is the sight most films of life in the safaris are made. well, anyone may have those two in Africa but not definitely like the experience that may be had from Botswana Safaris. This vast piece of land is only one of the few where wildlife need not compete for land and resources with man. The land area is as large as France yet the population counts only to mere 1.6 million people. As for the categories, African safaris normally offer three basic types namely permanent tented safaris, lodge safaris, and mobile safaris. Nonetheless, if couples would want to avail of the honeymoon safaris, they may be granted the choice. One complete safari that will travel from the East region towards the Southern parts take around 10 to 21 days. It is usually the dry season that encourages the congregation of both preys and the predators in common places. These places are normally around the riverbed, water holes and the lakes. If you would not want to take the risk of getting to near with the lions and other wild animals, you may chose to avail small shelters that overlook the spots where animals naturally proceed. Please read on Ngorongoro Conservation Area The worse you can call Ngorongoro is amazing. That would be more than that, there is definitely not a word that can describe this conservation area. Ngorongoro is the home of the largest caldera on earth. With walls reaching to 2200 meters high, this is fairly equal to Mount Kilimanjaro before the eruption. 

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