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To trim down the possibility that you would not take pleasure from the safaris of Africa, we have listed five hottest destinations in this article. Please read on Serengeti in Tanzania This is the famous sight that we normally see in videos documenting the annual migration of animals to find fresher grounds. Kruger National Park of South Africa For the sheer enjoyment of seeing endless arrays of animal species, plants and birds, Kruger would be the best bet if you would like to see diversity. Since it scales more than the size of Wales, it is not unlikely that it harbors the largest concentration of species that is unequalled anywhere else. Complemented by endless array of plain animals such as the zebra, Thompson gazelle, eland, wildebeest, oryx and others that are included in the same genre. Add to the count the merciless predators that help balance nature like the cheetah, vultures, jackal, wild dog and hyena. Not only does Northern Circuit collects its fame from these animals, it is also recognized for its over 500 bird species which turns it into an ornithologist's paradise. You can't off course explore the whole of African safaris on a few days of trip. There simply are too many sights to feed your spirit and too many places where you may see the real and seldomly seen creations. This is what an African safari may look like- A spot may feature a snow-capped mountain while another site will let you witness the miracle of aquatic reefs. And as vast as it can get, no one can truly travel the whole of Africa in a month without missing hundreds of sights. One has to live in Africa to be able to see it all. That being said and other things that can never be mentioned her or elsewhere, it is vital that you would not spoil your African safari adventure by not being comfortable along your journey. Whoever gave that name and whoever designated which animals should be included in their revered group must be given honor since he (or they) have picked the best constituents of the group. But the question still arises why other more graceful and robust animals were not included in the list. Why are not giraffe, being the tallest member of the animal kingdom is not chosen for the big five? 

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