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It is the honors the mighty Victoria Falls. One of the African safari favorites is the Zambia. It harbors wilderness camps that may be found in national parks such as Kafue National Park and South Luangwa. To finish your African safari trip, you may find pleasure in the Indian Ocean islands, which cover Mozambique, Madagascar, Malawi, Mauritius and Seychelles Islands. Kafue National Park The largest of all wilderness parks in Zambia, Kafue nurses the densest population of wildlife in all Zambia. Thousands of red lechwe, endless hoard of antelopes, sable, waterbuck, puka, roan, oribi, hartebeest, and vast number of predators to name a few. In fact, the only animal that you wont see in her are the zebras. On top of the wonders are the world-known big five, which covers buffalo, elephant, rhino, lion and leopard. Complemented by endless array of plain animals such as the zebra, Thompson gazelle, eland, wildebeest, oryx and others that are included in the same genre. Add to the count the merciless predators that help balance nature like the cheetah, vultures, jackal, wild dog and hyena. Nonetheless, you can maximize the use of your open vehicle. Summer is not only good because it is when most animals group. This is also the season when vegetation is significantly thinned. Thus, better game viewing. It is strange how the biggest of elephants can camouflage with the thickest grasses but that still is the way that it goes. As for the hunting safari, Africa boasts the most excellent sites and species that fuel man's passion for hunting animals in their natural habitats. Though hunting is restricted in some national parks, local governments still assigned African hunting safaris where varieties of games are enjoyed but in accordance with ethical restrictions. There are literally hundreds of national parks and preserved wildlife areas in African safaris that you are sure to find yourself cramping all them into limited schedules. That way, you may see all. but would you rather experience safaris in excessively fast pace and never get the marvel from them or take one place at a time and leave the rest for another vacation and indulge yourself in true beauty. 

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