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The Serengeti Four Seasons - An unforgettable Safari!

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The third (and the most important) are the binoculars! After all, what's the sense of going to Africa if you would not be able to witness the dance of life as closer as your advantage may allow? Well, though we may place this gear at the bottom list, you surely would not want leaving them behind. Well, come to think of it, what more can you do but protect your head and half of your face from the scorching heat of the sun? The Pleasures of Safari Parks It is impossible to enumerate all safari parks, national parks, wildlife sanctuaries, conservation areas and the likes in a single article. So we have decided to focus our discussion on the top five African Safari parks destination. Let's begin South Luangwa National Park of Zambia Fairly unexplored, South Luangwa is a treasure that only needs to be discovered at its own time. Along with these, you can also have some long pants with you to serve as protection during winter nights (if you are traveling during winter) and mosquito plague. The number one rule of thumb with safari clothes is to make less exposure to animals as much as possible. This can be done by avoiding bright colored clothes that attract animals. So unless you have all the resources to travel and take the off beaten tracks, it would be best if you would plan your trip well and organize your voyage so you may get the bests of all worlds. For travelers with limited budget, your best bets would be Amboseli, Maasai Mara, Lake Nakuru, Samburu, Aberdares, and Tsavo. In there, life is more realistic, death on the other hand is a part of living. (We have strangely forgotten that in our city lifestyle, we only work, work, work and work more. Everyday. Every, single day of our lives, we believe that by working we live.) In Africa, with the exchange of life and death among the animals and their environment and the dance of existence between the components of nature, death and living are two closely intertwined practical elements that make nature more proportionate. It is created even before the emergence of some of the national parks that we now enjoy, which makes it the pioneer in the field. The preservation was initiated in 1889 to help protect the wildlife of South Africa, which then was faced, with the swelling problems of unrestricted hunting. Pilanesburg National Park Lion safaris are found in Pilanesburg, which is revered for its being malaria-free, thus the comfort of game-viewing. 

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