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100+ CHRISTMAS GIFT IDEAS *my Christmas wishlist 2021*

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The marriage itself is the new beginning just like the hourglass is inverted to count each anniversary year after year, in between passion and turbulence. Imagine what will life be in a decade of being together? It is partnership worth celebrating and receiving gifts. What could be the best 10th anniversary gift? For their anniversary, why not buy them tickets to some exotic destination where they can relax and just have fun. They can even make the trip their second honeymoon. Of course, when you say a vacation, they need to be completely relaxed with the fewest worries as possible. One thing that you can do to minimize their worries is to volunteer to take care of things at home. Another thing that makes anniversary gift giving difficult is the fact that there are limited items that one can give. Notice how most people would give the same gifts during weddings and anniversaries? This is the reason why! Gift ideas for anniversaries are very few and some are so expensive that it is not even within thinking distance. The 25th anniversary present was like a renewal of how much Jack cherished Mary. The amount of planning and preparation was so secret that the wife was felt so special when everything came out. There are not that many people who are able to stay so long in a marriage. Should someone be as lucky as the couple, the people in the relationship should make this something to be joyful about. Besides, it will strengthen your bond more than any gift would as you will both be transported by the happy memory. Other ideas for a gift is to keep tickets of a movie that you have seen together or receipt from a restaurant where you first had your date. Frame them or put them in a photo album. You can reminisce together while you eat your dinner and celebrate your first year anniversary. Those who have the money can gift the other a gift certificate to the spa or to the salon with airline tickets out of town or the country. In the third year, things can be get more exciting by getting something with leather. This can be a bag, a belt or shoes. The person can get a luggage set made of the same material with plane tickets inside to celebrate the anniversary away from other people. 

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