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For instance, he or she may wish for you to be more understanding and more thoughtful. Promise to be that way through a card or a letter. You can even be funny by making a mock certificate where you promise to be that way. Fulfilling their wishes is one way of making him or her feel that you are willing to sacrifice something for them. People who want to give something else aside from wood can try getting some silverware. This doesn t have to be expensive but just enough for the couple to enjoy meals together or with other people invited to the home. There are guidebooks and other information available in the web to give the spouses an idea of what to give for the next anniversary. Some even prefer it that way because the gifts are more personalized and more fitting to the people who will receive them. One problem though is the actual process of making the gift. Some people do not have the time anymore to make gifts. With people constantly on the go, they cannot anymore devote time to knit a sweater or make a photo album. Be a slave If you have no money to buy them expensive gifts like the plane tickets, you can show your appreciation of what they have done for you by volunteering to take care of the chores at home while they go out and have fun. You can even do this for a couple of nights. Another way to give your parents gifts on their anniversary celebration is to take care of their usual chores so that they can spend more time together. Anniversary Gift Ideas For The Husband Anniversaries are special occasions that couples celebrate to affirm their commitment to each other. This is why most couples will go to lengths to celebrate anniversaries, especially those that are part of what people call relationship milestones. Often, it is the man that is expected to buy anniversary gifts for their wives or partners. Having no money but wanting to give the best gift will still be meaningful if you focus on the main theme of making the couple happy with what you can give best rather than how expensive you can rip your pockets to give the luxurious gift. If you have special talents in crafts, you can personalize a gift out of creativity. 

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