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Place them on the tabletop or frame them, showcasing the designs that you have embroidered. You can even frame it yourself Bath things Other items that you can personalize through embroidery are towels and bathrobes. One great thing about this gift idea is the fact that these are items that the couple will surely be able to use. There are craft stores that provide stitching services. Engrave away. Another way that will make your gifts more personalized is to engrave the initials or names of the couple into their gifts. Great gift items that you can have engraved are metal canisters for the kitchen, jewelry boxes, pens and jewelry. And because it is the golden age, it is but only fitting that gift suggestions for couples who are celebrating their 50th anniversary will also involve a lot of gold. Below are some great gift ideas that you will find useful when you do attend a golden wedding anniversary. 1. Buy a gold pendant with the picture of the two off them on it. Without words that convey what you feel a gift will remain a thing that you just bought just for the sake of buying. There is no special feelings that the gift conveys. When you give a gift, think hard on what you will write on the gift card. Just thinking about what to give is not enough. The gift has to mean something and you can explain what through the dedication. The question is, what is love? Answer it today and answer it again after ten years. The difference in meaning is all about growing up together, something which can never be comparable to living with a friend or another family member. Living with someone is sharing all commitments by giving oneself completely unconditionally. If a trip is too expensive, the family members can settle for a frame made of gold, which has a picture of everyone that can be hung in the living room wall. 6. A basket full of cookies and other goodies can be given as another way of congratulating the couple for making it this far and wishing the best for the future. 

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