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Gift for BFF|Friendship day gift making #shorts

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Partners can give each other books of poetry or books that have romantic content. Some even suggest giving a book about Kama Sutra or maybe a book in the Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus series. Another great first anniversary idea is a photograph that you can frame. Choose a photo that best reminds you of your good times together and then have it framed. The couple can decide to give something to each other similar to what happens during Christmas or the spouse decides to offer this to the other. According to tradition, this should change every year. The longer that the couple stay together, the more extravagant the gift can become. During the first wedding anniversary, people in the past usually gave each other something made of paper. This is perhaps the reason why some people, especially women place so much importance on celebrating anniversaries. Some couples even fight because one of the partner forgot the occasion. Although giving romantic gifts like jewelries are traditional during anniversary celebrations, if you do not have the budget, why force it. In fact, it can save your feet from needless suffering going from one store to the other looking for an appropriate gift. Know what they want Sometimes, it is not in bad taste to just ask the person what they want or what they need. This will save you needless fatigue from scouring the whole mall and this will also ensure that what you will be giving them will be put to good use and not just relegated to a dark spot in the attic. If they are going to use the mugs at the office or at work, ask them to exchange mugs and take the one with the initials of the partner. This way, the mugs will serve as reminder of the person when at work. Handkerchief This is actually the standard item that you can have monogrammed. You can place both of their initials on the cloth or put a design that will remind them of each other. This is perhaps the reason why gifts during anniversary celebrations seem to be the same gifts year after year. People no longer make an effort to find appropriate gifts for the couple. They just buy whatever is available in the store. Hence, the multitude of plates, photo albums and picture frames that couples receive when they celebrate wedding anniversaries. 

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