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Both are great ways to get experience with off-road racing and possibly even prepare yourself for a career in supercross motorcycle racing. When it comes to buying the equipment and the supplies needed for supercross motorcycle racing, many individuals, maybe even yourself, automatically think of an off-road motorcycle. In addition to a traditional motorcycle course, you may also be able to take a course in off-road riding. For want-to-be supercross racers, this is the perfect way to get started in supercross racing. Although it was mentioned above that it is difficult to become a professional supercross racer, it isn t completely impossible. However, the only downside to doing this is that racers are often on their own. In the event that an accident occurs, it may be more difficult to obtain help, when compared to racing at professional tracks and sanctioned events. Now that you know what supercross motorcycle racing is, you may either want to become a fan or a racer. These outdoor tracks are popular in areas that do not have the spaced needed to regularly house large supercross racing events, even those on a local level. All supercross racing tracks are man-made. This means that they are artificially made. Since supercross tracks are artificial, but they also need to provide excitement for the racers, as well as the fans, most tracks are filled with obstacles, such as sharp turns and huge jumps. Essentially, this means that you will likely have to get your start on a larger, outdoor motocross track. However, it is important to note that it will not be a waste of your time. In fact, many professional supercross racers first got their start in motocross racing. When it comes to safety, you can always protect yourself by wearing the proper safety gear. They tend to have numerous corners, many of which can be considered sharp, as well as jumps. While you would assume that it would be easy enough to throw dirt onto a surface and make a few jumps, the reality is that it isn t as easy as it actually seems. A lot of hard work goes into making a supercross race track, especially a professional one. 

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