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Top 10 moments from 2021 Supercross season | Motorsports on NBC

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To those unfamiliar with the world of off-road racing, it can be difficult to separate the two apart from each other. In fact, many, who are unfamiliar with the sport, tend to believe that they are the same thing. While motocross motorcycle racing and supercross motorcycle racing do have their similarities, they are two completely different sports. If and when you need to purchase supercross safety equipment, you are advised to purchase it around the same time that you purchase your motorcycle. This will help to ensure that you do not feel to the need to go riding, without first being properly protected. In fact, you may even find that the same store that you are buying your motorcycle from sells the needed safety equipment. Even though many BMX courses use sand, there are some that still use dirt. The BMX racing surface will all depend on the preference of race promoters. You will also find that the tracks are relatively short. The shortness of the track makes supercross BMX relatively shorter than most motorcycle events. Once you have taken the time to better understand supercross motorcycle racing and the equipment that is needed, you should be better prepared to start shopping. Depending on where you live, you may be able to find a local sports store or outdoor recreational store that carries supercross equipment. For off-road bikes, you will find that it is often best to shop at an outdoor recreational sports store. Although, at the time, it was not officially known as supercross racing. A comparison was made by the racing promoter. That comparison was between motocross and the Superbowl; for that reason, the supercross name was used. Supercross and motocross still exist today. While it is now easier to separate the two, it was difficult to do when supercross racing was first developed. In addition to just being fans, there are many followers who wish to become a supercross motorcycle racer. If you are one of those individuals, despite what you may believe, your dream may be closer to a reality than you ever imagined. Before examining how you can go about making your dream of becoming a supercross motorcycle racer a reality, it is important to know that supercross racing comes in a number of different formats. 

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